Airius Air Pear Model 60

About Our Smoke Test

Our smoke test is the best visual product demonstration we can offer. By placing a fan at its intended height and filling the ceiling with smoke, you can see that we’re capable of delivering a concentrated jet of air all the way to the floor, illustrated as plain as day!

What’s important to note when viewing a smoke test is that destratification¬†only occurs when the air hits the ground with enough force to “mushroom” out. The torus-shaped profile of air movement mixes the air evenly throughout a room. A fan that cannot reach the floor, like a lower power fan in a high bay space, only destratifies in the area where the smoke physically touches, and that can be 20 or 30 feet above the ground!

HVLS fans destratify through brute force and the excessive airflow they provide can have a negative impact on comfort. Yes, the space is destratified, but air velocity is so high they can cause a chilling effect. If slowed to reduce wind chill, then the fans are not providing full ceiling to floor mixing.