Why is it difficult to heat old churches?

When designing HVAC systems, most engineers would much prefer to design it right from the start than to fix problems down the road. However, when a building has been standing in place for a hundred years or longer, such as a church, the methodology for revamping the heating system and ensuring the comfort of patrons has to be more carefully…

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The Advantages of EC Motors

With motors manufactured by ebm-papst, we believe our line of EC fans are likely to be the world’s most reliable, efficient, and effective destratification fans in the world. As the only fan company that can offer this technology across its entire range at this time, we wanted those considering our premium line of EC fans to understand the ins-and-outs of…

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Destratification for Drop Ceilings

Suspended Ceiling Series by Airius: Destratification Fan Product Photo

You can enjoy all the benefits of the patented Air Pear unit, and nobody has to know the fans are in the ceiling doing what they do best, keeping your employees and customers comfortable and reducing the cost of heating and cooling. Air Pear fans are designed to eliminate the hot spots and cold spots in your building yet are…

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