Air Pear

Solve comfort issues, increase productivity, save on HVAC energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint with an Air Pear fan system. Working in concert, each Air Pear delivers gentle efficient air circulation to balance overall air temperature from ceiling to floor and wall to wall.

Air Pear Unit Photo

Product Overview

The Air Pear is designed to deliver a laminar, non-turbulent column of air from the ceiling to the floor below. It features a patented shape and stator, energy efficient EC motors (available across our entire range), an abundance of control options, and products engineered to fit ceilings ranging from 8 ft. to 100 ft.

Application Guide

Use the Air Pear to equalize temperature and humidity in buildings through destratification. Reducing stratification increases thermal comfort during summer and winter, reduces ceiling temperature to extend the life of lighting and ceiling mounted equipment, and saves energy. The Air Pear can also be used in spot cooling applications in summer.

Capable of temperature control within 1º to 3ºF, creating up to a 33.2% reduction in HVAC energy use.

Performance and results of units are subject to many variables such as, but not limited to, the interior environment, exterior environment, conditions of building structure, HVAC system performance and/or electrical service and thus actual results may vary.


  • Energy-efficient operation (As low as 12W)
  • Quick and easy installation in new construction or retrofits
  • Patented multi-vane stator and Venturi nozzle maximizes throw
  • Speed controls and BMS integration available
  • Ratcheted handle allows installation at any angle
  • Hangs from beam clamp/bridle ring, chain-link/carabiner, or similar
  • 6 ft. steel leash and anchor point for safety
  • ETL Listed in U.S. and Canada
  • 5VA Flame Resistance Rated
  • Made in the U.S.A.

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