• » Reduce energy costs: Reports of heating bills 20-70% lower are not uncommon after an Airius installation, as the stratified air near your ceiling is typically 10°F warmer than at the floor.
  • » Next-generation controls: Airius fans can be pre-optimized for your installation in the factory for hands-off fan management, or a large array of fans can be controlled remotely via wireless through your building automation system.
  • » A model just right for you: With more than 450 SKUs, Airius' technical consultants can develop a custom system design for you that recommends specific models and control types to suit your installation parameters. Quiet, designer, and suspended ceiling models available.

Destratification with Airius

Learn what makes Airius fans different

The ceiling fan had a good run, but the pear shape of the Airius destratification fan with patented stator and venturi nozzle bring the energy savings and thermal comfort benefits of a destratification fan to places not suitable for a traditional fan.
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Retrofits: Balancing Cost With Comfort

How Retrofitters Use Airius Fans

What is Destratification?

Have you recently climbed a ladder in your building, to change a light bulb for instance, and noticed the air getting warmer as you went up?

Have you heard complaints from customers or employees on the ground that it's too chilly and they want more heat? Have you looked at your energy bill and thought “I'm already pumping a ton of heat into my facility”?

The culprit here is simple: heat rises. While this law of the universe allows for neat innovations like hot air balloons, when you own a business, the effect of less dense, warm air rising and denser, cool air settling—a phenomenon called “thermal stratification”—can create real comfort issues at both the top and bottom of your facility. This in turn can lead to less productivity among your employees and complaints from customers, both of which nick away at your bottom line.

You're not alone. Businesses in all sectors—whether it be industrial manufacturing, sports complexes, or places of worship—are facing the challenges of a thermally stratified space. Whatever the unique nature of their facility they are asking the same question as you: how can I make my customers and employees more comfortable in the space in which they visit and work, without breaking the bank, all while avoiding the pitfalls experienced the last time I tried to fix the problem?

How Airius Helps

The good news is your building probably has enough—or even more than enough—heat to provide comfort at all levels, it's just not exactly where you need it to be in order to keep everyone happy.

Solutions that disappoint: paddle fans, complex duct work, and telling your employees to bring an extra coat in the wintertime

Perhaps your RTU or building insulation needs an overhaul, which means an investment of many tens of thousands of dollars, money you don't have laying around. In the meantime, you need a solution now.

You're fed up with options that don't achieve their promised results, and uneasy at the thought of making a risky capital investment that might not pay off. Sticker shock, disruptive install, and ineffectiveness of past solutions have you on the fence.

Traditional paddle fans may have been the only available option at time of install, but their effectiveness at evenly distributing air facility-wide—especially with high ceiling heights—is unsatisfying. They simply don't achieve a great enough “throw.”

Installing duct work and an intake fan on the ceiling sounds like a good idea at first, but it doesn't provide optimal results at destratifying the air, nor is it very cost effective.

After giving up on the above options, you may be considering simply buying jackets for your workers or installing extra heat sources at the floor. It sounds like a last resort, but often times it seems there isn't another option.

Discover the real solution: an array of Airius fans proven to increase comfort while making your facility more efficient

Today, smarter, more productive, and direct methods are possible because of Airius fans. A modern destrat solution, an array of our fans will increase comfort and improve the efficiency of your facility. Consider some of the business scenarios in which they've already been proven to be the best option for their cost effectiveness and ease-of-install.

Grocery / Retail

Encourage Lingering in the Aisle

Imagine yourself at the grocery store moving up and down the aisles, stopping to decide what to buy among the various products in each section. Because some foods are stored at room temperature, others cooled, and the rest frozen, you find yourself experiencing a range of micro-climates as you meander about the store. As you open the fridge door to scout out yogurt, or dip down into the freezer to dig out a frozen pizza, you feel a blast of cold—a coolness that emanates into the surrounding floor space. These temperature variations have the potential to impact your “dwell time”—or how long you are willing to stand in a particular area scoping out product options and deciding whether or not to purchase something. Ultimately, this discomfort can lead to impulsive purchase decisions, or no purchase at all as you head to warmer store sections before making a selection.

If you're a business owner, the fact that different micro-climates of your facility are impacting customer comfort and dictating purchasing decisions is of great concern. You seek a solution that balances air temperature on the floor to the largest extent possible, providing a more smooth and seamless experience for shoppers as they move from one section to the next. An Airius fan system balances the hot and cold air from floor to ceiling, providing better customer comfort, increased dwell times, and a superior overall shopping experience.

Gyms / Recreation

Works as a Team

If the focal point of your business is recreational activities, comfort is key. Take a rock climbing facility, for example. Customers here experience discomfort twice. First, as they climb they get tired, the course gets more challenging, and their body heat spikes from the physical exertion. Second, the air gets hotter with each notch up. By the time they reach the top they feel victory at having conquered the course, but also an urge to get back down to ground level to get relief from the heat. An Airius fan array is capable of destratifying the air from ceiling to floor, providing a balanced experienced for vertical ascents.

Many sports facilities have multiple levels, such as a YMCA. Typically, an open-air running track is placed at the top level, circling a basketball court at the ground level. In heated facilities, not only is the heat from the mechanical system rising, but also the emitted heat gain from the physical exertion of sports persons at lower levels. A similar problem exists in sports stadiums, where athletes play at one level and spectators are situated at various levels above. An Airius fan array can offer multiple benefits here. First, it can destratify the air so that those at the upper levels do not feel trapped in heat. Secondly, it can create unique air flows for multiple levels to fit the comfort demands of participants, such as increasing air velocity surrounding players at ground level. This leads to an evaporative cooling effect, and can help keep everyone in the facility more comfortable than conditioned air alone could ever hope to.


Jets, not Props

Paddle fans adorn countless facilities, as in previous eras they were the only option on the market, but today they often serve as mere props. They take up a lot of space, both when stationary and when in motion. For facilities where ceiling space needs to be used for critical operational functions, they become more of a hindrance than an effective air destrat solution. Take the dilemma faced by the owner of a military aircraft hangar. Maintenance personnel often need to work on the upper exterior of the plane, or on the edge of the wings. This requires overhead suspension cables attached to the ceiling that are both secure and allow for mobility. Even when not in motion, several large bladed fans occupy a lot of space and provide an obstruction to other uses that could be made of the ceiling. When turned on, they present further dangers to cables or other objects suspended nearby. The same problem plagues facilities used for storing machinery or cranes that almost touch the ceiling. In these facilities, paddle fans become both obstructive and dangerous.

An Airius fan takes up a fraction of the space of a bladed fan. This allows them to be positioned more strategically about the facility to both optimize air flow and open up space for facility operations or storage nearer to the ceiling. When turned on, they have no external moving parts that could get in the way of cables or other objects suspended from the ceiling. An Airius fan array helps you maximize the space of your facility.

Places of Worship

Saving Old Churches

If you own an older or historic building you know that the challenges of air comfort, and practical, efficient ways to tackle them, can be especially daunting. Large cathedrals are a perfect example of this. You probably don't think of churches as temperately warm places. Arriving to church in the fall or winter time and sitting down on wooden pews often brings to mind a sense of perpetual chilliness. That's why you often see wintertime church goers not removing their jackets, and in the summer time churches can be a respite from the heat, with a coolness similar in feel to a brick cellar. This is due to the building materials used at the time of construction being relatively poor insulators, as well as the high ceiling height which provides a large space for rising heat to accumulate.

When seeking to retrofit, owners of this class of facility face a unique set of obstacles. The original construction dictates what can be done. The building may lack duct work altogether, or lack ventilation passages and adequate space to implement new ones. Local building codes that apply to historic buildings may prohibit intrusive construction projects that would alter or damage the existing structure in any way. Your situation requires more of an appliance-like device, rather than a heavy duty construction project that alters your facility. One that can be installed as a non-intrusive accessory to the building, but still reduce the thermal stratification and increase comfort for visitors. Airius fans are uniquely suited to this need, an out-of-the-box product that's easy to install.


Air Distribution

If you happen to run a business where your supply chain involves shipping, receiving, and storage in warehouse facilities or distribution centers, space utilization is key. Real estate—especially in busy port cities or in heavily industrial districts—is not cheap. While you cannot control the cost per square foot of the ground area, maximizing your floor-to-ceiling storage potential—whether for short term or long-term needs—an be a huge money saver. The closer to the ceiling the better.

Paddle fans not only take up a lot of space, they must be placed at a safe distance from objects and people. In many cases, workers are constantly moving up and down the vertical plane of the facility, and in a thermally stratified space this constant back and forth between cooler and hotter spaces creates discomfort. An Airius fan array takes up less space, presents none of the hazards of moving blades, and better destratifies the air—providing both worker comfort and allowing for better utilization of facility space.

Public Facilities

Staying in Budget

Public facilities such as academic institutions or government owned assets have strict budget limitations that dictate what thermal destratification solution is feasible. The cost advantage of an Airius fan system presents a viable option, as it requires no gutting and reconstructing of the facility and requires a smaller initial investment than traditional solutions. Their proven ability to reduce energy costs over time secures a good return-on-investment for the project. While private sector actors may have a bit more leverage to take a risk on a new equipment investment, public sector facilities require that every penny invested will go to a sustainable, long term solution, and not to equipment that dies out prematurely.

Comfort, efficiency, minimal invasive construction, and affordability with an Airius fan system

Airius fans are adaptable to countless facility categories and thermal challenges. If you're a business owner with thermal challenges in an existing facility that presents unique challenges that have made other options less than viable, the versatility of Airius fans could be the solution. Our appliance-like device means that intrusive construction will be minimal, and our fans are proven to reduce thermal stratification and provide significant improvements to comfort at all levels of your facility. Comfort that will ultimately provide better customer and worker experiences, increasing your revenue and productivity.

Destratification with Airius

Learn what makes Airius fans different