Case Studies

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Lush Cosmetics, a large manufacturing facility, located in Villawood, in the very hot western Sydney suburbs, had a significant summer overheating problem in their Warehouse. Based on Airius’ proven success for cooling in other warehouses and sports courts, they approached Airius to come up with a cooling solution.

Green Point Christian College, located in Gosford, NSW, had an overheating problem with their school Multipurpose centre, main hall stage and Mezzanine gym area. The customer was very happy with the results following installation, commenting “there have been no complaints about the overheating and there is much appreciation of having the areas cooler.”

St Stephens College, a leading private school on the Gold Coast in Queensland, had a significant summer overheating problem in their large basketball hall. Four large bladed fans had been specified as a cooling option and St Stephens College approached Airius Oceania to see if they could provide a more aesthetic, simple to install and cost effective solution to cooling via air movement in the hall. Airius could satisfy the customer on all counts.

SCEGGS Darlinghurst, a leading private girl’s school in Sydney, had a significant summer overheating problem in their Basketball hall. Two large bladed fans had been specified as a cooling option and SCEGGS approached Airius Oceania to see if they could provide a more aesthetic and cost effective solution to cooling via air movement in the hall. Airius could satisfy the customer on both counts.

This new Toyota car showroom is located just north of Melbourne, Kilmore, in Victoria. The Dealer Principal, Graeme Dove, wanted to ensure that there was controllable air movement across the year to work in conjunction with his air conditioning system. Improved thermal comfort in summer and winter for his customers and staff, as well as energy savings, were his priorities.

Optimum Control Technologies (Optimum) approached Airius Oceania to do a trial in the cold aisles of the Foodland Frewville store in Adelaide in 2014. The trial was hugely successful and there are now IGA, Coles and Foodland stores using the Airius Air Pear technology to improve thermal comfort in their cold aisles in Australia.

The Axeman’s Hall of Fame Museum in Latrobe, Tasmania had been uncomfortably cold in winter for many years despite increasing the heating capacity. Airius was approached by Adrian Luke from DMS Energy to trial Air Pears to improve the comfort for the building’s users and reduce heating costs. The installation of 4 x Model 25 Airius Air Pears at the Museum proved a resounding success with heating use reduced by 60% in two days and customers thrilled with the new level of comfort in the space.

Jeff Feltham from ‘PacPines Pool and Spa’ in QLD and Howard Gumbley from ‘Hilton Brown Pools‘ (NZ) both approached Airius to find a solution to the condensation inside their indoor pools using their unique Air Pear Air Turbines. Both installations proved very successful and more indoor pool operators in both Australia and New Zealand are using the unique Airius Air Pear Air Turbine technology to reduce condensation and improve the amenity of the pool enclosure.

St. Thomas Aquinas Primary School needed to address the prohibitive heating costs for running their school hall. Their gas fired heating system needed to run continuously in order to maintain comfortable internal temperatures for students and teachers, resulting in high energy bills and carbon emissions. After installation of the Airius system comfortable temperatures were easily achieved and maintained. The workload on their HVAC system was also heavily reduced, making significant savings on running costs and CO₂ emissions.