For Greenhouses

From our National Botanical Gardens to the local greenhouse, users of Airius fans are benefiting from increased air movement to keep things comfortable during the summer and recirculate warm air to the floor during the winter. Not only do people love the fans, but the plants do too thanks to the equalized gas exchange that occurs with more regularity across the whole crop.

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It's not easy being green.

Indoor warehouse operations often have racks of plants from ceiling to floor and with Airius fans you can rest assure that from the top rack to the bottom you'll have uniform air temperatures.

The increased air movement promotes a better growing environment and allows growers to combat stagnant stale air often found in corners.

Worried about mold, odors, viruses, bacteria or VOCs? Then check out the factory installed PHI cell for your fan system.

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We've helped greenhouses achieve amazing results:


  • » Up to 35% reduction in energy costs to heat and cool
  • » Increased comfort for visitors and staff
  • » Maximized HVAC efficiency and reduced run time
  • » Better gas exchange and plant growth encouraged
  • » Reduced ceiling temperatures increasing lighting lifespan
  • » Odors, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs mitigated with PHI units
  • » Simple installation
  • » 3-Year Warranty

Some examples:

Rob Warren, Winemaker
Tarara Winery

We liked the concept of total air circulation and temperature equalization of the Airius units and the Photo-Hydro-Ionization (PHI) cell data. Shortly after powering up the units, just as indicated, I was able to feel air movement in all of the space including the corners and around and under our vats.

Within one week of activating the units there was a 40% decrease in mold spores and a noticeable difference in VOCs. We do not have the facilities to quantify VOC levels, so reductions are based solely on sensory perception. Within two weeks, airborne spores were reduced by 70%, and VOCs were virtually eliminated. After three weeks, airborne spores were reduced by 92% and have held steady at this level for several weeks. I cannot stress how pleased I am with the results of the AIRIUS PHI cell hybrid units in improving air quality. I am confident that this will have a strong positive impact on product quality by reducing the concentration of spoilage organisms and VOCs in the air. I also believe the thermal equalization provided by the units may help with process and quality control. Since our primary reason for purchasing the units was the air purifying capabilities, this to me would be an added benefit.

Kelly Grummons, Chief Horticulturalist & Co-Owner
Timberline Gardens, Inc.

I wanted to let you know about the performance of your Airius System in our greenhouses over the 2005/06 Winter season. When I first learned about your system, I was a little skeptical.

We found the Airius System worked as we were told. The Airius System reduced our energy costs over 26%! We found the units increased the circulation of heat throughout our plant benches and eliminated the nonproductive cold corners in our greenhouses. As you predicted, our concrete floors and walkways became a heat storage bank, supplying a free heat source during the night.

As a result of their installation, the circulating heat increased our winter plant growth in ways we had never seen before. Calla LIlies bloomed 25% more than in previous winter months. Our philodendron showed exceptional growth within a month after the Airius units were installed and continue to be the healthiest we have seen. In our propagation area we found accelerated growth of our plant starts. The Airius units have helped us grow healthier plants throughout the heated buildings.

A totally unanticipated plus to the use of the Airius System was the gentle quietness of the greenhouses during the day. The normal roar of the furnaces occurred far less frequently, making the soothing sound of the fountains and waterfalls audible, thus increasing our sales in this area. Conversations with a customer were seldom interrupted by the high furnace noise after the Airius System was installed.

The Airius System reduced our energy cost by over 26% and paid for itself in less than one winter season. It increased our winter plant growth, helped us grow healthier plants and improved the ambiance in our facility, factors which are very useful and came at no cost! I would highly recommend the Airius System for all greenhouses wishing to cut energy costs and improve the growth of their plant stock. We've installed them throughout our greenhouses.

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