For Workshops

From the local machine shop to major fleet repair facilities, service and workshop facilities of all sizes can benefit from an Airius fan system. Working alongside your HVAC equipment, Airius provides general air movement to reduce the cooling load during the summer and recirculate warm air to the floor during the winter. Employees are more comfortable while using less HVAC energy.

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Comfortable employees are productive employees. Studies have shown that when spot temperatures exceed 75ºF, work quality and speed begins to suffer quickly, with temperatures past 80ºF causing potential physical injury as well. Utilize Airius fans to keep employees cool, calm, and productive year-round.
How do we know Airius fans are tailor-made for workshops? We originally built them to cut costs and manage temperatures in our machine shop more than a decade ago. We continue to tool, mold, assemble and operate the fans in our facility here in Colorado.

Similar applications: Fleet maintenance, Auto Service Centers, Garages, Machine Shops, Fabrication Shops, DOT Facilities, Transport Hubs

We've helped workshops achieve amazing results:


  • » Up to 35% reduction in energy costs to heat and cool
  • » Increased comfort for employees, improving productivity and reducing mistakes
  • » Maximized HVAC efficiency and reduced run time
  • » Spot cooling for unconditioned spaces with direct airflow
  • » Reduced ceiling temperatures increasing lighting lifespan
  • » Mitigated odors, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs with PHI units
  • » Simple installation
  • » 3-Year Warranty

Even more examples:

Craig Cigas, CEO, Engineer
Cigas Machine Shop, Inc.

We have been using Airius Thermal Equalizers in our production buildings for over 10 years and we’ve been very pleased with both their performance and our return on investment.Our buildings are industrial high bay and overhead crane served with ceiling heights ranging from 15’ to 65’. Our challenge is there isn’t sufficient clearance between to the overhead cranes and the structural ironwork to install an airfoil or other similar destratification solution. The Airius products work for us because they can suspended in unused spaces throughout the ironwork without degrading their performance.

Russel Paine, VP
Paine's Inc

You’ll be happy to know we finally got the opportunity to install the four Air Pear ceiling fans we purchased from you this past Wednesday morning. And you’ll be equally interested to hear that when I spoke to the shop guys Thursday they said they had turned the heat on Wednesday night to stay warm but that the shop felt some how different with the new fans. So I asked the obvious questions, “what felt different?”, and with a big grin he said, “it felt warm!!!!” The fans look like they are going to be a great investment, thanks for the good advice and product.

Call Airius Customer Service at 888-247-7327.