For Museums & Galleries

From small local galleries to large museum complexes, Airius has a fan solution for you. Working alongside your HVAC system day and night, Airius quietly provides general air movement to reduce the cooling load during the summer and recirculate warm air to the floor during the winter. Increased comfort for patrons and employees alike and the owner enjoys lower HVAC energy costs.

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Function, meet Form.

For architecturally sensitive spaces, check out our Designer Series fans that can be color matched to your choosing. For dropped ceiling lobbies check out our Air Pear Suspended Ceiling fans. For ceilings around 50′, consider the Q Series, our quietest model at that height.
Because each facility is unique, please contact Airius or your local representative to specify your system. Various applications require different models based on considerations other than maximum throw. Air Speed, activity level, objects, noise, and other factors may affect model selection and placement.

Similar applications: Zoos, Research Centers, Cultural Centers, Art Installations, Amusement Parks, Artist/Design Studios

We've helped museums & galleries achieve amazing results:


  • » Up to 35% reduction in energy costs to heat and cool
  • » Increased comfort for visitors and staff
  • » Maximized HVAC efficiency and reduced run time
  • » Quiet models for sound-sensitive installations
  • » Reduced ceiling temperatures increasing lighting lifespan
  • » Mitigated odors, viruses, bacteria, and VOCs with PHI units
  • » Simple installation
  • » 3-Year Warranty

Call Airius Customer Service at 888-247-7327.