Peter Maloney
Axemans Hall of Fame

When first viewing the units in boxes on the floor my initial impression was doubtful that these Air transfer units would work. This was due to not understanding the way they operated. Once they were installed, hooked to power, the switch was flicked and their function was explained to me, I still had doubts due to the size and appearance of the Airius Air Pear units. I still could not grasp how the building could benefit from just four units when this was the coldest time of year. They were switched on that afternoon and the following morning the building was heated to a consistent temperature with the heated areas being evenly controlled. The experience of temperature variation within the building experienced by staff and visitors over the last eight years had changed completely.

Basically overnight the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame’s atmosphere had altered. The cost savings are overwhelming as all other heating has been largely reduced and the next bill should indicate a large reduction in power usage cost. The heating benefits alone make the cost of the units feasible. We previously needed five units to heat the building and this was not effective but with the efficiency of the Airius Air Pears we now only require two.

Many of the regular patrons of the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame have commented that the building is now much more comfortable to visit. Many people used to comment that parts of the building were cold and complained of cold hands and feet. As a large percentage of our customers are elderly they really appreciate the warmer environment, visit more often and stay longer. The open construction of the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame allows us to seat larger capacity functions and hold large events and visitors often comment on the structure of the building. With the installation of the Airius Air Pears they now also ask about the “Buckets” hanging down from the ceiling and we need to explain their function.

The units have achieved an atmosphere of warmth and welcome to the Australian Axeman’s Hall of Fame, something I did not think was possible to a building of this style and size. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Airius Air Pear units to anyone hoping to maintain a more controlled and even heat in a large building. Based on the initial results I would happy to show and explain the Airius Air Pears operation to any potential customers.

Rob Warren, Winemaker
Tarara Winery

We liked the concept of total air circulation and temperature equalization of the Airius units and the Photo-Hydro-Ionization (PHI) cell data. Shortly after powering up the units, just as indicated, I was able to feel air movement in all of the space including the corners and around and under our vats.

Within one week of activating the units there was a 40% decrease in mold spores and a noticeable difference in VOCs. We do not have the facilities to quantify VOC levels, so reductions are based solely on sensory perception. Within two weeks, airborne spores were reduced by 70%, and VOCs were virtually eliminated. After three weeks, airborne spores were reduced by 92% and have held steady at this level for several weeks. I cannot stress how pleased I am with the results of the AIRIUS PHI cell hybrid units in improving air quality. I am confident that this will have a strong positive impact on product quality by reducing the concentration of spoilage organisms and VOCs in the air. I also believe the thermal equalization provided by the units may help with process and quality control. Since our primary reason for purchasing the units was the air purifying capabilities, this to me would be an added benefit.

Kelly Grummons, Chief Horticulturalist & Co-Owner
Timberline Gardens, Inc.

I wanted to let you know about the performance of your Airius System in our greenhouses over the 2005/06 Winter season. When I first learned about your system, I was a little skeptical.

We found the Airius System worked as we were told. The Airius System reduced our energy costs over 26%! We found the units increased the circulation of heat throughout our plant benches and eliminated the nonproductive cold corners in our greenhouses. As you predicted, our concrete floors and walkways became a heat storage bank, supplying a free heat source during the night.

As a result of their installation, the circulating heat increased our winter plant growth in ways we had never seen before. Calla LIlies bloomed 25% more than in previous winter months. Our philodendron showed exceptional growth within a month after the Airius units were installed and continue to be the healthiest we have seen. In our propagation area we found accelerated growth of our plant starts. The Airius units have helped us grow healthier plants throughout the heated buildings.

A totally unanticipated plus to the use of the Airius System was the gentle quietness of the greenhouses during the day. The normal roar of the furnaces occurred far less frequently, making the soothing sound of the fountains and waterfalls audible, thus increasing our sales in this area. Conversations with a customer were seldom interrupted by the high furnace noise after the Airius System was installed.

The Airius System reduced our energy cost by over 26% and paid for itself in less than one winter season. It increased our winter plant growth, helped us grow healthier plants and improved the ambiance in our facility, factors which are very useful and came at no cost! I would highly recommend the Airius System for all greenhouses wishing to cut energy costs and improve the growth of their plant stock. We've installed them throughout our greenhouses.

Michael Simpson, Mechanical Engineer
Eichleay Engineers

We called the two leading software companies in the HVAC CFD industry. We knew that they both offered people with extensive experience in air flow simulation modeling. The simulation results were crucial not only in determining what equipment would work best but also in providing graphical evidence that this equipment was needed to provide a tighter temperature control. In particular, we had never used the Airius fans and were leery of purchasing them and installing them based solely on performance specifications provided by the vendor. Without these results, we would never have been able to prove to the client that the fans worked or not.

The new HVAC system has been up and running for about 18 months and since then, the temperature alarms have not shown any excursions. Most importantly, the customer is extremely pleased that the building has met their requirements.

Ken Sugza
George Washington School #1, Elizabeth NJ School District

FYI, The destrat fans installed over the summer have had a huge; positive impact in terms of comfort. We have monitored this over several months and find them to be money well spent. Our ambient temperature is steady 68°-70° throughout gymnasium. We no longer make adjustments on a regular basis. The space is untouched and comfortable. Job well done.

Beverly Sobelman
Versatile Arts Studio

The difference has been immediate and profound…you can really feel the air movement under the fans, despite the fact that they are 30 feet above you. My students are delighted.

Mike Cuskelly, Director of Maintenance

I've taken a couple of snapshots at the temperature and in the gym the difference is about 1 to 1.5 degrees between the high and low thermostat. In the library, the difference is about 1 degree.

Matt Lambert, Owner
Rogue Rock Gym

We use these fans for an indoor Rock Climbing Gym application in a 6,000 sq. ft warehouse with 30 foot ceilings. Rock Climbing Gyms present a unique challenge for ventilation and air circulation, because climbers at the top of the wall are hot from exerting themselves, and their partners on the ground are cold while standing still. Therefore we must reverse the natural temperature gradient in the space.

Airius fans are perfect in this application for several reasons. First, they are strong fans which really move the warm air down to floor level. Second the fans are quiet, we use eight fans and you can barely hear them while running. Third, because of their compact size we can put them close to the climbing wall without the risk of a climber being struck by a moving fan blade. Fourth, they are energy efficient, and we save on air conditioning costs. Last but not least, they look nice!

Yvonne Conway, Estates Manager
The Aylesbury Vale Academy

Prior to the installation of the Model 25 the mezzanine in the main admin block was unbearable to work on – since the installation the whole admin area has improved. The mezzanine is not as hot and the main area on the ground has a more stable temperature.

Brent Mosbarger, Professional Engineer
OpTerra Energy Services

I just wanted to let you know that we found a great use for your destrat fans and they have made a real believer out of me. We installed several of these in Wyoming Department of Transportation maintenance buildings where snow plows are parked overnight. We installed them in buildings using propane as the heat source because the financials looked better compared to natural gas. Last year a plow driver unintentionally parked one of his trucks under one of your fans and the next morning the truck was free of snow and ice. Since then, we have installed your fans in 3 other maintenance shops across the state and the snow plow drivers love your fans.

Barry Hitt, Captain

The Air Pear system is quiet, and we do not even notice the background sound. You forget that they are even running. I would highly recommend the Air Pear system by Airius to other aircraft hangar operators.

Michael Memsic, Co-Founder/CEO
Sanitas Brewing Company

Without question, [the Air Pears] are reducing our HVAC from running constantly. The day we installed the fans our heaters worked significantly less. They have made a significant difference and the room has become so much more comfortable. I don’t believe that any of our customers notice the fans, they are discrete and don’t blow too hard.

Mark Graybill, Professional Engineer
Accu-Aire Mechanical Services Inc.

The Airius fans are the perfect solution for destratification. The fans are installed 90 ft. above the floor, and you can feel a slight breeze from the 100-EC.

Greg Billings, Building Automation/Energy Management Design Specialist
Boulder County Architect Office

We installed them [Air Pear with PHI] in an existing jail pod with seventy-three full time occupants. The odors in that area were extremely bad. We let the fans run for about two weeks and conducted a basic survey with the guards that attend that pod most frequently. Our survey came back with results showing a positive change in the air quality. I personally walked the area before and after the installation many times and noticed a significant change. Our next test was to turn off the fans without notifying anyone. There was an immediate request from the guards to have the fans turned back on. So we did and they were very happy….I am confident you will be more than pleased with these products and can honestly say that working with all of the people at Airius has been a real pleasure. Considering I work for a local government, it is only in my better interest to implement products that are a rock solid investment.

Chuck Miller, Energy Rep
Bitter Creek Pipelines

…when we tested the Airius product we found that it did everything that it claimed it would do. Basically the Airius product proved to be vastly superior to any other product tested. To date, our company has installed over 900 Airius units at Ellsworth and Minot [Air Force Bases]. In the near future we will be installing several hundred additional units and expand our installation program to other like kind facilities.

Tom Hutchinson, Energy Management & HVAC Consultant
Enreps LLC

There have been huge benefits with the overall reduction of relative humidity where the Air Pear destratifiers have been installed.

Bob Booth
Electrical Dimensions

When I first saw the Airius Units I was very skeptical about them and really didn’t understand how they would work. The Airius Thermal Equalizer is a truly remarkable product with what they really do. They have neutralized and even out the temperature. The Airius units utilized the warmer air in the ceiling by bring it down in the aisles and mixing with the cooler air therefore, has balance and equalized the temperature. After installing the Airius Product I have received very positive feedback. There are no more complaints about the Freezer section aisles being too cold.

Daniel Abrahamson, Lead Maintenance Technician
Natural Grocers Vitamin College

We have been using Airius fans in our grocery stores for many years. The fans have always been reliable and provide excellent air movement. Since we started purchasing these fans I have never had an issue with them. All the employees of Airius that I have had the privilege of working with have been excellent and very responsive. Airius is on the cutting edge of air movement and is always looking for ways to improve their products. Definitely an economical solution to air stratification issues one might have. I have nothing but praise for them and recommend it to any company.

Craig Cigas, CEO, Engineer
Cigas Machine Shop, Inc.

We have been using Airius Thermal Equalizers in our production buildings for over 10 years and we’ve been very pleased with both their performance and our return on investment.Our buildings are industrial high bay and overhead crane served with ceiling heights ranging from 15’ to 65’. Our challenge is there isn’t sufficient clearance between to the overhead cranes and the structural ironwork to install an airfoil or other similar destratification solution. The Airius products work for us because they can suspended in unused spaces throughout the ironwork without degrading their performance.

Russel Paine, VP
Paine's Inc

You’ll be happy to know we finally got the opportunity to install the four Air Pear ceiling fans we purchased from you this past Wednesday morning. And you’ll be equally interested to hear that when I spoke to the shop guys Thursday they said they had turned the heat on Wednesday night to stay warm but that the shop felt some how different with the new fans. So I asked the obvious questions, “what felt different?”, and with a big grin he said, “it felt warm!!!!” The fans look like they are going to be a great investment, thanks for the good advice and product.

Call Airius Customer Service at 888-247-7327.