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From local elementary schools to ivy league colleges, implementing a destratification system in high-ceiling areas can drastically reduce heating and cooling bills, and only Airius provides a destratification unit with the features necessary for use around children.

Large paddle fan systems, both ceiling and floor mounted, are prone to damage from wayward sports equipment and must be surrounded by cages which cost more than the unit itself! Other fan suppliers lack the safety features of the Airius unit: our anchor point directly to the fan motor prevents injury from falling units.

Durable and able to withstand accidental impact
Save energy – up to 30% off heating bills
Improve your HVAC efficiency
Equalize temperature and improve comfort
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Air Pear installed at Silver Creek HS

Do the Math.

Our sales team is ready to help you understand the movement of air in your building and recommend a selection of fans that suit your specific needs. Not only will an Airius fan make your building more comfortable for your students and teachers by equalizing the temperature, it can significantly reduce HVAC bills by reducing the cooling load during the summer and recirculating warm air to the floor during winter.

With the addition of a PHI unit in key areas of your school, like the nurse’s office or locker rooms, Airius units also kill germs, preventing the spread of illness and increasing attendance.

Suspended Ceiling Series by Airius: Destratification Fan Product Photo

 Benefits to Educational Facilities

  • Up to 35% reduction of heating costs
  • Up to 30% reduction of cooling costs
  • Increase morning warm-up time
  • Combat stagnant, stale air
  • Increased comfort for students and staff
  • Maximizes the efficiency of all types of HVAC systems
  • Simple installation
  • Utilizes process heat, lighting and solar gain
  • Reduced run time on existing HVAC equipment
  • Reduced internal condensation and wet floors
  • Reduced ceiling temperatures increasing lighting lifespan
  • PHI units help mitigate odors, viruses, bacteria and VOCs

Similar Applications

  • Gyms
  • Locker Rooms
  • Libraries
  • Classrooms
  • Multi-purpose Rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Indoor Pools
  • Atriums
  • Concourses
  • Auditoriums
What They’re Saying

“I’ve taken a couple of snapshots at the temperatures and in the gym the difference is about 1 to 1.5 degrees different between the high and low thermostat. In the library, the difference is about 1 degree.”

Mike CuskellyDirector of Maintenance, Boulder Valley School District

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