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Solve comfort issues, increase productivity, save on HVAC energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Specifically designed for retail stores, Airius’ Retail Series Narrow Aisle fans provide an elongated airflow pattern to maximize spread down the length of an aisle. Also configurable, the standard nozzle is for areas that do not require an elongated pattern. Working in concert, each Retail Series fan delivers gentle efficient air circulation to balance overall air temperature from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. Available with a factory programmed motor to suit ceiling height requirements up to 22 ft. A standard nozzle is available for use throughout the general sales floor.

Grocery StoresRetail Shops

The Retail Series is installed in retail buildings around the world. See our Solutions by Industry pages for more application-specific instructions.

Retail Series Information Sheet

For industry professionals, download the Retail Series Destratification Fan Submittal documentation.

Product Overview

The only air turbine destratification fan featuring a narrow nozzle design to provide an elongated airflow pattern to maximize spread down the length of an aisle. Standard nozzle available for general sales areas.

At delivery, fan speeds can be preoptimized for your building’s layout. We also offer a variable speed control option for use by staff.

The Retail Series is commonly used in grocery and retail stores near exterior doors, checkout areas, or in cold case aisles where thermal comfort is difficult to manage due to rapidly-fluctuating environmental factors.


  • Used in narrow grocery aisles to avoid interference with open cases
  • Destratify/thermally equalize buildings
  • Equalize humidity
  • Increase thermal comfort during the summer and winter
  • Reduce ceiling temperature to extend life of lighting
  • As a spot cooler in summer


  • Capable of temperature control within 0.5º to 1º C[1]
  • Up to a 33.2% reduction in HVAC energy use[2]

Performance and results of Airius fans are subject to many variables such as, but not limited to, the interior environment, exterior environment, conditions of building structure, HVAC system performance and/or electrical service and thus actual results may vary.


  • Energy-efficient operation (30W)
  • Quick, easy installation in new construction or retrofits
  • Narrow Aisle or Standard Nozzle versions
  • Speed controls available
  • Ratcheted handle allows installation at any angle
  • Hangs from beam clamp/bridle ring, chain-link/carabiner, or similar
  • Conforms to UL and ETL standards
  • 5VA Flame Resistance Rated
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Warranty & Refurbishment

The Airius warranty and refurbishment program make the cost of owning an Airius Retail Series unit the lowest in the industry.

Airius warrants products listed below will operate properly and be free of defects in materials and workmanship according to the following terms. Please refer to the full warranty information in the installation, operation and maintenance guide.

3 Year Warranty

All Parts & Components

Money-Back Guarantee

Up to 30 Days, No Questions Asked

Refurbishment Program

Motor replacement program after warranty ends

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  • Avatar sylvain rheault says:

    Hi I need a quote for 7 fans 28 feet height 1460 cfm

  • Avatar Charlie B. says:

    Have you considered a smaller unit suitable for apartment use ?
    I have 9 foot ceilings.

    Thanks for a great concept.

    • Sam Smith Sam Smith says:

      Charlie, even though Airius specializes in destratification fans for commercial and industrial use, we are happy to help you select a destratification technology for residential use.

      For Garage/Workshop Use: The Air Pear Models 10 and 15 are suitable for buildings with ceilings between 8 and 15 ft.

      For Indoor Living Area Use: While Airius fans are often used in sound-sensitive environments, it is important to understand that traditional destratification technologies like paddle style ceiling fans are quieter alternatives to axial turbine fans.

      While the Airius Model 10 motor is silent (24 dB, quiet enough to clearly hear a whisper over), the air movement from the nozzle is audible, though much quieter than any desk or box fan.

      Our sales team can help you purchase a unit: 888-247-7327.

  • Avatar Peter McCoy says:

    We sell to facilities that could use this type of fan and wondering if we can be set-up as a rep or in some fashion?

    Thank you,
    Pete McCoy
    Vice President
    Air Design Inc

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