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The World Standard in Destratification

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Designer Series

Fans in The Designer Series by Airius
  • Custom colors
  • Chic Style
  • Aluminum Case

Suspended Ceiling

Fans in the Suspended Ceiling Series
  • For drop ceilings
  • 2′ x 2′ grid
  • Discreet installation

Retail Series

Fans in The Retail Series by Airius
  • Designed for retail
  • Precision air profile
  • Quiet motor options

Q Series

Q Series Destratification Fan
  • Our quietest fan at 50′
  • Easy installation
  • EC and PSC Motors
Every building with high ceilings suffers from stratification.

Airius destratification fans equalize a room’s temperature by increasing air circulation. In the winter, Airius fans deliver warmer air from the ceiling to the ground where we live and work. In the summer, they ensure that the thermostat reflects actual conditions and prevent inefficient HVAC cycling.

Before Airius, illustration showing a 20 degree temperature differential floor-to-ceiling After Airius, illustration showing temperatures equalized
Save energy
  • Utilize waste heat
  • Prevent HVAC over-cycling
  • Add evaporative cooling effect
  • 4-6° difference at the thermostat
Increase Productivity1
  • Reduce worker mistakes
  • Increase employee efficiency

1NASA CR-1205-1

Increase comfort
  • Eliminate hot and cold spots
  • Mix stagnant air
  • Reduce odors
  • Reduce condensation/wet floors
Extend Life of Equipment
  • HVAC Lifespan
  • Lighting lifespan

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Learn about Airius, our history, and how we stumbled upon the destratification fan as a solution to our own problem: out-of-control electric bills in our manufacturing plant.