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Airius Fans are fortunate to offer more than 450 SKUs to our customers. That means we can pick the destratification fan that will work best for your industries building and its occupants, rather than rely on a one-size-fits-all solution. Here are our most popular destratification fans by industries.

Aviation Hangers

Airius fans help steady interior temperatures, reduce energy bills, and improve worker comfort. They’re the perfect aesthetic match for hangars with their jetted design.
airius destratification-fans for atrium & lobbies

Atrium & Lobbies

Wide, small, or four stories tall, your atrium or lobby is the first experience for employees or visitors when entering your facility.
Airius Fans for Auto Dealerships

auto dealerships

While your sales and services group team up to provide excellent service, Airius teams up with your HVAC system to increase comfort and save energy.
Warmer the Higher You Climb?


Scaling higher, indoor climbers are aware of heat rising. Airius fans can balance temperatures and keep climbers more comfortable in the tallest gyms out there.


Airius can assist with designing the appropriate fan system for buildings from DOD hangars to the local public library. Airius fans are Made in the U.S.A.


Fans provide the necessary air flow to promote plant growth and ensure consistent temperature and humidity. Maximize your growing area and increase plant health.
Airius Fans at Grocery Stores


Comfortable customers shop longer. Encourage lingering in the sales aisles with an Airius fan system. Mitigate fogging on the outside of case doors, warm up those cold aisles and mitigate humidity build up.
Airius Fans at Penn State Child Care


From the local elementary school to ivy league colleges, educational facilities can benefit from general air movement to increase comfort and reduce HVAC energy costs, particularly in tall spaces.
Airius Fans at the University of Tenneseee


Dilute high levels of chloramines found at pool surfaces to increase the air quality for swimmers and divers.
Airius Fans at Manufacturing Facilities


Originally built to solve stratification issues in our own machine shop, Airius fans are a perfect fit for your manufacturing facility too.
Airius Fans at offices


Reduce heating and cooling costs, maximize the efficiency of your HVAC system, and increase worker productivity.


Balance air temperatures from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, increasing patron and worker comfort.
venues utilizing airius fans


A packed house is good for business but a struggle for your HVAC system. Airius fans can work alongside your HVAC system to provide increased comfort and energy savings.
Church worship facility Airius Portiflio fan installation


Look up! Airius fans can help with morning warmup, keeping patrons comfortable and lowering HVAC energy costs for high bay spaces.
Airius Fans in workshops


From the local machine shop to major fleet repair facilities, workshops of all sizes can benefit from an Airius fan system.

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