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Our History and Evolution
Airius Fans has a rich heritage rooted in innovation and quality, tracing its origins back to 1963 with the founding of Avedon Engineering. As one of the largest premier custom injection molders in the Western United States, Avedon Engineering set the foundation for a future of pioneering advancements in destratification technology.
The Birth of Airius
In the early 2000s, as injection molding transitioned offshore, Ray Avedon began developing the first Airius Fan—the Air Pear. This marked the beginning of a new era in air circulation solutions. Airius LLC was officially founded in 2004, bringing the original Air Pear to market and introducing a groundbreaking solution for enhancing air circulation in various environments.
Our Commitment
At Airius, we are committed to delivering innovative, energy-efficient air circulation and purification solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our patented designs and technologies reflect our dedication to excellence and our mission to create safer, productive and, more comfortable environments in commercial, industrial, and residential settings.
Global Reach and Impact
With a strong presence in the UK and EU markets, Airius continues to expand its global footprint, providing unparalleled air circulation and purification solutions to a diverse range of industries. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction drives us to continuously improve and adapt to the changing demands of our global clientele.
Looking Forward
As we move forward, Airius remains at the forefront of air circulation technology, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering superior products that enhance air quality and energy efficiency. We look forward to continuing our journey, driven by the same principles of excellence and innovation that have defined us since our inception.
  1. Multi-Vane Stator Technology:
    This technology creates a slow-moving column of air that increases the throw distance, balancing temperatures throughout space. The stator vanes eliminate rotational air flows and create columnar laminar air flows, leading to increased air flow velocities and significantly enhanced vertical (ceiling to floor) throw distances.

  2. Venturi Nozzles:
    Combined with the stator vanes, the Venturi nozzles further increase air flow velocities, throw distances and secondary air entrainment. This design allows Airius fans to effectively destratify conditioned spaces with high ceilings by throwing warm air from the ceiling to the floor.

  3. Side Intake Bypass:
    A secondary inlet allows additional air to be entrained into the primary flow path for maximizing air volume through the fan discharge.

  4. Needle Point Bipolar Ionization (NPBI™):
    Used in the PureAir Series, this patented technology inactivates pathogens, bacteria, molds, and odors, ensuring continuous active air purification.
Specific Patents

United States Patent 7,381,129 B2:
This patent covers the unique design and functionality of the Airius fan systems, focusing on the stator vanes and Venturi nozzle technology.

United States Patent D514688:
This patent includes design aspects of the Airius fans, particularly the aesthetic and structural components that contribute to their efficiency and effectiveness.

United States Patent 11,598,539:
This patent covers Airius fans featuring our bypass technology. The fans feature a housing with primary and secondary flow paths, designed to enhance air mixing and flow efficiency

These patented technologies are central to the high performance and energy efficiency of Airius fans, enabling them to provide superior destratification and air purification in various settings

Innovations and Milestones

Introduced PhotoHydroIonization (PHI) technology, adding a new dimension to our fans by incorporating air purification capabilities.


Responding to the needs of high bay buildings, especially military hangars, we expanded our product line to include larger sizes.


Established Airius UK, enhancing our reach as the exclusive importer for the UK/EU markets, and launched the Suspended Ceiling Series for integrating Air Pear fans into acoustic ceiling tiles.


Airius Fans Designer Series

Launched the Airius Designer Series, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal. 


Airius Fans Q Series

Launched the Q Series, our most powerful and energy-efficient fan line designed to address the challenges of large spaces with high ceilings.


Launched PearLink Wi-Fi Control, integrating with existing Wi-Fi networks to provide wireless connectivity for monitoring stratification levels and controlling individual or grouped fans. Shifted from direct sales to a primarily manufacturer rep network, improving our distribution and customer service.


Airius Fans Onyx Series

Launched the Onyx Series and PureAir fans featuring Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI) technology, setting new standards for air purification and destratification.


Introduced Airius BACnet MS/TP cards, integrating our fans seamlessly into building management systems.


Released the Onyx 560, the largest in our cooling line, and introduced the Delta T Controllers with six modes of operation, further enhancing our product capabilities.

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