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Improving Air Quality at Birmingham Public Schools’ Indoor Pools with Airius Q-Series Fans

Birmingham Public Schools faced significant air quality challenges in two of their indoor swimming pools. Matt Hess, the Assistant Manager of Operations, noticed an increase in chloramine levels just above the water’s surface during high volume swim events, a common issue that the existing HVAC systems struggled to address due to insufficient air movement.


The pools, constructed in 2007 and 2008, are identical in size—102 by 135 feet with a flat roof peaking at 35 feet above the deck. The stagnant layer of chloramines posed health risks and discomfort, necessitating an effective solution to enhance air circulation and quality.


Airius recommended the installation of eleven Airius Q-50-EC Fans, known for their high output and acoustic performance. These units were strategically angled and staggered above the water to maximize air movement across the pool’s surface, effectively breaking up the layer of chloramines.


The installation of Airius Q-50-EC and Model S-25 Fans transformed the air quality and comfort in both the pool and spectator areas. The strategic placement and performance of the fans resulted in significant improvements, making the environment more pleasant and safer for swimmers and spectators alike.

Extended Application

Encouraged by the potential benefits, Matt explored the use of Airius fans in the spectator areas, which are unconditioned elevated alcoves with acoustic ceiling tiles. To improve comfort for spectators, an array of ten Model S-25 Fans with ACT kits was installed, enhancing air movement and providing evaporative cooling.

The tailored solutions provided by Airius, utilizing both the Q-Series and S-Series fans, underscore the versatility and effectiveness of their product range in addressing unique challenges at Birmingham Public Schools. The fans not only improved air quality but also enhanced the overall experience for all facility users.


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