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Maintaining Warmth and Saving Energy with Airius Fans at Bright Ideas Furniture


Bright Ideas Furniture, a high-end furniture store in Royal Oak, Michigan, faced significant heating challenges during a major building renovation. With only three of the eight rooftop heating units operational and a severe stratification issue, the space experienced a temperature differential of over 30°F. The heat accumulated at the ceiling of the 19 ft. tall showroom, making it uncomfortable for employees working on lifts and leading to substantial energy waste.


Dave Dilley, owner of Bright Ideas Furniture, considered several options to resolve the heating inefficiency, including additional ductwork and High-Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) fans. However, concerns about the high costs of these solutions and potential light-strobing effects from HVLS fans, which could impact retail ambiance, led him to explore alternative solutions.Dilley contacted Airius for a free design consultation and estimate, drawn to their promise of quick installation and operational efficiency. The recommended solution was to install a system of Airius destratification fans, which could be quickly deployed throughout the showroom.


The installation of Airius fans was completed in just one day. Within an hour of activation, the thermostat readings increased by over 15°F, allowing the rooftop units to shut off for the first time in months—a significant achievement that highlighted the efficiency of the fans. This improvement came just in time, as a polar vortex brought temperatures down to below -30°F shortly after installation. The Airius fans efficiently maintained a setpoint of 45°F, enabling the heating system to operate normally despite the extreme outdoor conditions.

“It was amazing! Our rooftop units acted like it was just a normal day.”

– Dave Dilley, Owner

The deployment of Airius destratification fans at Bright Ideas Furniture showcases how innovative air circulation technology can effectively address heating challenges in large retail spaces, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency even under extreme weather conditions.


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