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Enhancing Shopper Comfort with Airius Fans at Alfalfa’s Market

Alfalfa’s Market, a pioneer in the organic and natural foods sector in Boulder, is well-known for its commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Dale Kamibayashi, the store director, recognizes the importance of maintaining a comfortable shopping environment to encourage customers to explore new products beyond their immediate shopping lists.


The store faced challenges with uneven temperatures, particularly in sections like the cheese, olive bar, seafood, and meats. Customers often felt too chilly, which deterred them from browsing additional products. This temperature discomfort not only affected customer satisfaction but also potentially impacted sales.


To address these issues and improve overall comfort, Alfalfa's Market installed a comprehensive system of Airius fans, comprising:• 12 Airius Fans in the store aisles to move warmer air from the high ceilings down to the cooler floor, helping to equalize the temperature across the shopping area.• 2 Airius Suspended Ceiling Kits in the dairy aisles, accommodating the store's lower ceilings.• 1 Airius fan with PHI, located near the seafood and meat counter, to reduce odors and eliminate bacteria, mold, and viruse


The installation of Airius fans significantly improved air circulation and temperature distribution within the store. By addressing the cold spots, the store has seen an increase in customer dwell time around key fresh food sections, potentially boosting sales of these items.

“Airius units went well with Alfalfa’s commitment to support the local community and environment,”

– Dale Kamibayashi, Store Director

The enhanced air quality and consistent temperatures have not only improved the shopping experience but also underscored Alfalfa’s dedication to environmental responsibility.

The strategic deployment of Airius fans at Alfalfa’s Market illustrates how effective air management solutions can enhance customer comfort and operational efficiency in retail environments. By integrating these systems, Alfalfa’s has reinforced its commitment to providing a pleasant and health-conscious shopping experience.


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