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Optimizing Humidity and Airflow at Cigars International’s Hamburg Facility with Airius Q-50 Fans

Cigars International, a premier retail destination in Hamburg, offers a multifaceted experience with multiple levels and amenities including bars, live music, pool tables, and ample spaces dedicated to enjoying fine cigars and scotch. Given the facility’s complexity and size, maintaining an optimal humidity level across all areas was essential to preserve the quality of its premium handmade cigars.


The primary challenge was twofold. Firstly, the heat was predominantly rising towards the ceiling, reducing HVAC efficiency and preventing warm conditioned air from reaching the lower levels where products and customers are located. Secondly, the existing humidification system struggled to maintain consistent moisture levels throughout the vast space, crucial for cigar preservation.


To address these challenges, Airius collaborated with HT LYONS to implement a solution using Airius Q-50 Fans. These fans were strategically positioned to work in conjunction with the humidification system, capturing the warm, humid air from the ceiling and dispersing it evenly throughout the facility. The Q-50's design allowed for discrete mounting, ensuring the setup did not intrude on the customer experience.


The installation of the Airius Q-50 Fans transformed the facility's air circulation and humidity control. By effectively redistributing the warm, humid air, the fans optimized the overall environmental conditions necessary for maintaining the integrity of the cigars. Customers now enjoy their stogies and scotch without any disruption, surrounded by consistently comfortable and ideal humid conditions.

The deployment of Airius Q-50 Fans at Cigars International’s Hamburg location not only solved the initial challenges of uneven temperature and humidity but also enhanced the overall atmospheric quality of the space. This strategic integration demonstrates how tailored air movement solutions can significantly improve large-scale retail environments.


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