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Mooving Air in the Dairy Industry: Optimizing Temperatures for Yogurt and Cheese Production


A leading yogurt, cheese, and dairy company faced a unique challenge when they needed to repurpose an area of their manufacturing facility into a tempering space for 55-gallon drums of ingredients. These ingredients solidify at temperatures at or below about 80°F, but the desired temperature for this process was around 110°F. The area wasn't originally designed with the necessary mechanical or insulation capabilities for this process, making the retrofit complex.


The company's Engineering Project Manager reached out to Airius for expertise in achieving a stable and uniform temperature throughout the space. Airius recommended the installation of six Airius Air Pear units, strategically placed to ensure even temperature distribution across the area.

Installation & Results

Upon installation of the Airius Air Pear fans, the Engineering Project Manager conducted general observations and measurements throughout the room. The results were highly satisfactory, with a temperature variance of only 1-2°F between the floor and a 16-foot elevation in the 22-foot high room. The system effectively pulled return air from near the floor, optimizing the ambient temperature for the tempering process.

The Engineering Project Manager expressed great satisfaction with the performance of the Airius system, noting the significant improvement in temperature consistency essential for maintaining the quality of dairy ingredients.

The installation of Airius Air Pear fans at the dairy processing facility demonstrates how targeted air movement solutions can effectively address specific environmental challenges in specialized industrial applications. The project not only met the precise temperature requirements but also enhanced the efficiency and functionality of the manufacturing space.


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