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From the local craft brewer to the largest distillery operations, food and beverage facilities of all sizes can benefit from an Airius fan system. For back of house operations, Airius fans can keep ingredients and inventory safe from VOCs and mold. In front of house, patrons will enjoy the increased air movement and comfort benefits.

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Working alongside your HVAC system day and night, Airius quietly provides general air movement to reduce the cooling load during the summer and recirculate warm air to the floor during the winter. Increased comfort for patrons and employees alike, the owner enjoys lower HVAC energy costs and we all enjoy a healthier environment through a reduced carbon footprint.

Airius fans can be factory fitted with the optional PHI cell to mitigate mold, bacteria, viruses, VOCs and odors. A perfect fit for your wine storage cave or brewery.

In addition to temperature balancing benefits, the Air Pear also balances humidity and is applicable for use in cigar or cigarette manufacturing, storage, and distribution, as well as assisting with raw storage of grains or hops.

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