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Warm Welcomes with Airius Air Pear Fans at Sanitas Brewing Company

Sanitas Brewing Company, nestled in the scenic foothills of the Colorado Rockies in Boulder, boasts a taproom that epitomizes the Colorado lifestyle. With expansive glass windows and garage doors that open to the sunny outdoors, the brewery is a haven for beer enthusiasts year-round. However, despite the abundant sunshine, Boulder’s winter months can bring chilling temperatures.


To enhance comfort during the colder seasons without compromising the open and airy ambiance of the taproom, Sanitas Brewing needed a heating solution that would efficiently warm the space while being energy-efficient.


Michael Memsic, CEO and Co-Founder of Sanitas Brewing, chose to install three Model 25 Air Pear fans by Airius in the 2,000 sq. ft. taproom ceiling. Known for their destratification capabilities, these fans redistribute warm air that naturally rises to the ceiling back down to the floor level, ensuring a more uniform temperature throughout the space.


The installation process was streamlined and efficient, taking about thirty minutes per fan, facilitated by the “plug-and-play” design of the Airius Air Pear fans. The impact was immediate—on the day the fans were installed, Memsic noted a significant reduction in the operation of the heating systems, indicating less energy consumption while maintaining a comfortable environment.

“The fans made a significant difference, and the room has become so much more comfortable. Our heaters worked significantly less from the day we installed the fans.”

– Michael Mesmic, Sanitas Brewing CEO and Co-Founder

The incorporation of Model 25 Air Pear fans at Sanitas Brewing Company has not only enhanced the comfort of patrons and staff but also contributed to the brewery’s sustainability goals by reducing energy consumption. This case study exemplifies how tailored air circulation solutions can create a more inviting and efficient environment in hospitality settings.


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