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Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with Airius Air Pear Series Fans at a Leading Car Dealership in Repentigny, QC


During the winter months and rainy seasons, mechanics at a prominent car dealership in Repentigny found themselves working in less than ideal conditions, with wet floors presenting significant safety hazards. The tight space configuration in the workshop, with only 3 ft between vehicles, compounded the issue, slowing down operations and affecting productivity.


To address this, the dealership’s General Manager, Guillaume Girard, sought an effective solution to expedite floor drying and enhance working conditions. After exploring various options, Girard reached out to Airius, known for their efficient destratification fans that blow air directly downwards—perfect for directing warm air between closely parked cars to speed up drying times.Airius recommended their Air Pear Series fans, which were ideal for the dealership’s needs. The fans were supplied and installed by G. Mitchell & Co Ltd, a well-established company based in Montreal with over 76 years of experience in the industry.


The installation of 10 Air Pear Series fans led to a substantial increase in productivity and cash flow. The return on investment was rapid, with the installation costs recouped within just a few years. The constant circulation of air not only dried the floors faster but also maintained a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

“We were so happy with the Airius heaters we just installed in our new showroom extension. Our employees work in a much more comfortable and safer environment, and as General Manager, I couldn’t be happier.”

– Guillaume Girard, Directeur Général

Long term benefits

Five years after the installation, the benefits continue to accrue. The dealership has seen ongoing savings, particularly during the winter months, as the Airius system minimizes the need for extensive heating. The fans also maintain a comfortable environment during the warmer months, ensuring staff comfort all year round.

This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Airius Air Pear Series fans in a challenging automotive service environment. By improving air circulation and temperature control, the dealership has enhanced both safety and efficiency, leading to significant long-term benefits.


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