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Destratification Fans for Dropped Ceilings

Destratification Fans for Dropped Ceilings

Capitalize on the remarkable advantages of our patented Air Pear unit in a discreet drop ceiling configuration—an elegant solution that conceals the fans while optimizing thermal comfort for your employees and customers, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional heating and cooling methods.

Air Pear suspended ceiling fans are designed to eliminate the hot spots and cold spots in your building yet are installed almost as easily as an acoustic ceiling tile into your existing ceiling grid. This makes it easy to place the fans where they are needed most to optimize your room and building HVAC system.

What is Air Destratification and why is it important?

If you are visiting our website for the first time, you may want to learn more about Air Pear Destratification Fan Systems and how they work. Start here to understand more about the hot and cold spots that exist in almost any building, especially in drop-ceiling environments where interior walls or high cubicles block normal airflow.

Destratification, a term gaining prominence in the realm of HVAC and building management, refers to the process of reducing temperature differentials within enclosed spaces. It tackles the issue of air stratification, a phenomenon where varying layers of air with distinct temperature gradients form due to the natural movement of warmer, less dense air rising while cooler, denser air sinks. These layers create stagnant pockets of air, leading to uncomfortable hot and cold spots within buildings, particularly exacerbated in areas with drop ceilings. Addressing air stratification is pivotal not only for maintaining occupant comfort but also for enhancing energy efficiency by optimizing heating and cooling systems.

Airius fans move a column of air instead of a big, bladed fan, to increaseair circulation and destratify the room making it more comfortable and lowering energy costs.

To learn more about air stratification click here.

How Do the Suspended Dropped Ceiling Fan Units Work?

One standout solution in the realm of destratification is the patented Air Pear Suspended Series. This system seamlessly integrates destratification fans within the ceiling space, ensuring that the functionality is concealed while maximizing comfort and cost savings. The discreetness of these fans is particularly noteworthy, as they operate within the existing ceiling grid, eliminating temperature disparities without affecting the aesthetics of the space. This not only ensures the well-being of employees and customers but also reduces the financial strain associated with excessive heating and cooling costs.

The Air Pear Suspended Ceiling Series are available in a 2 ft. x 2 ft. ceiling tile package. A dome over the top of the fan separates the conditioned air below from the plenum space above the suspended ceiling. Because conditioned air from the room is drawn from around the fan up into the dome and projected to the floor below, you maximize air mixing to deliver comfort in classrooms, offices, retail, or any building with a suspended ceiling.

Solutions by Industry

The efficacy of the Air Pear destratification system extends to a wide spectrum of industries. From atriums and lobbies that demand a welcoming atmosphere to manufacturing facilities that require uniform temperature distribution, these fans find applications in diverse settings.

Watch this video to how the fans work and then Download the Industry Guide specific to your type of building to see what types of buildings are already benefiting from the Air Pear series of destratification systems. Airius drop ceiling fans are installed in all of the following industries and more:

* Atriums & Lobbies

* Automotive

* Aviation

* Breweries & Distilleries

* Education

* Entertainment

* Government

* Greenhouses

* Grocery

* Indoor Pools

* Manufacturing

* Museums & Galleries

* Offices

* Retail

* Rock Climbing Gyms

* Workshops

* Warehousing

* Worship Facilities

Air Pear Systems Work in Suspended Ceilings of Existing or New Buildings

Tailoring Comfort: Customization and Integration of Airius Ceiling Fans

Central to the innovation of the Air Pear destratification system is its exceptional adaptability, which allows these ceiling fans to seamlessly integrate into any architectural space. This adaptability extends to various dimensions, configurations, and design aesthetics, making it possible to customize the Airius system to suit the unique needs of different buildings.

Retrofitting for Improved Comfort

The versatility of Air Pear fans becomes particularly evident when retrofitting existing facilities. Often, buildings with dropped ceilings suffer from uneven temperature distribution, leading to discomfort among occupants.

The Air Pear system excels in rectifying this issue. By leveraging the unobtrusive installation mechanism of the fans within the existing ceiling grid, these fans eliminate temperature disparities without the need for major structural modifications. And because Airius fans are not traditional blade-style ceiling fans you can place them in areas that were previously impossible.

This retrofitting capability transforms previously problematic spaces into environments of consistent comfort, enhancing both occupant satisfaction and energy efficiency.

Design Integration for Seamless Functionality

Beyond retrofitting, the adaptability of Airius fans extends to new building designs. Architects and HVAC designers have the unique opportunity to incorporate the Air Pear destratification system into their plans right from the project’s inception.

This proactive approach ensures that the fans are seamlessly integrated into the architectural blueprint, effectively negating the possibility of trapped air pockets or inefficient airflow patterns even before construction begins.

Such integration aligns with modern principles of sustainable architecture, where comfort and efficiency are intrinsic to the design process rather than being retrofitted as afterthoughts.

Customization for Unique Spaces

Airius fans can be tailored to fit any space, regardless of its dimensions or layout. Whether it’s a sprawling atrium, a confined retail outlet, or a cavernous warehouse, the Air Pear system can be fine-tuned to meet specific requirements.

The fans are available in various sizes and configurations packaged within 2 ft. x 2 ft. ceiling tile. Moreover, the design can be further customized to blend seamlessly with the aesthetics of the space, ensuring that the functionality of the system does not compromise the visual appeal of the architecture.

Foresight for Future Comfort

The incorporation of Airius fans into the initial design phase of a building project can provide invaluable benefits in terms of thermal performance. By proactively addressing airflow issues when originally conceptualizing the space, it is possible to nip any temperature imbalances in the bud at the very outset.

This proactive approach reflects a forward-thinking approach to building design, one that considers occupant comfort, energy efficiency, and sustainability all as vitally intertwined. Architects, HVAC designers, and engineers should strongly consider embracing this strategy to realize the full potential of their projects.

A Symphony of Form and Function

The adaptability of the Airius destratification fans transcends the realm of mere temperature regulation. It embodies the fusion of engineering precision and architectural aesthetics.

Whether it’s the revival of an existing building or the inception of a new architectural marvel, Airius fans demonstrate their capacity to seamlessly integrate into any space. Through their adaptability, these fans not only resolve temperature imbalances but also contribute to the creation of indoor environments that resonate with comfort, efficiency, and thoughtful design. As the building industry continues to evolve, solutions like the Air Pear Suspended Series stand as a testament to the power of adaptive engineering in sculpting a better, more balanced built environment.

Ask your designer to visit our website and click here to access the technical information they need.

Conclusion: Elevating Comfort, Efficiency, and Sustainability

In a world driven by sustainability goals and the pursuit of optimal indoor environments, solutions like the Air Pear destratification fans emerge as pioneers. By eradicating hot and cold spots, these fans ensure that occupants experience consistent comfort while contributing to reduced energy consumption.

The Suspended Series balances the relationship between enhanced occupant well-being and energy efficiency with design aesthetics. As industries continue to embrace innovative strategies for achieving harmony between human habitation and the built environment, the Airius fans stand as a testament to engineering ingenuity and a commitment to a better, more balanced future.

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