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A Chance to Be Boulder: Enhancing Air Quality at CU Boulder’s Indoor Practice Facility

Opened in 2016, the University of Colorado Boulder’s indoor practice facility is a cutting-edge sports complex spanning 108,000 square feet. It includes a full football field and a six-lane track, regularly used by the Colorado football team, the Buffs, as well as distance runners, sprinters, and athletes from various sports.


The facility’s air supply diffusers, located halfway up the sidewalls, were inadequate for mixing air between the high ceilings and the occupied space below. This created uneven temperatures throughout the facility, which could potentially affect athletic performance and comfort.


To address this, CU Boulder implemented Airius Designer Series 125 Fans at the peak of the building’s 90-foot-tall structure. These fans were selected for their ability to provide comprehensive air mixing while operating quietly, ensuring minimal distraction for athletes during training. The fans are seamlessly integrated into the building’s automation system, allowing for wireless control and maintaining a consistent temperature variance of no more than 3°F from ceiling to floor and wall to wall.


Following the installation of the Designer Series 125 Fans, the facility saw improved environmental controls, which contributed to a more comfortable and effective training environment. This enhancement came at a crucial time, as the No. 17 ranked Buffs football team achieved an 8-1 record in their conference the following season.

Aesthetic Integration

The Model 125 fans are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, with a color scheme that blends into the facility’s interior, making them virtually imperceptible to the athletes below.

The strategic implementation of Airius Designer Series 125 Fans at CU Boulder’s indoor practice facility demonstrates a successful integration of technology and design to meet the high-performance standards of a top-tier athletic program. The fans not only improved air quality and thermal comfort but also supported the athletic achievements of the university’s teams.


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