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Enhancing Air Flow in Aerial Arts with Airius Air Pear Model 45-P4 Fans at Versatile Arts

Aerial artists at Versatile Arts, a premier aerial studio in Seattle, are now practicing their craft in a significantly cooler and more comfortable setting thanks to the installation of Airius destratification fans.


The studio, with a floor area of 1,200 sq. ft. and ceilings reaching 30 ft., has windows on only one wall, leading to poor ventilation. This setup caused the studio to become stuffy in the summer months, with heat accumulating at the ceiling during winter, as described by Founder and Director Beverly Sobelman.


In anticipation of another hot summer, Versatile Arts sought an economical solution to enhance comfort for both instructors and students. Their search led them to Airius, a well-regarded provider of air circulation solutions ideal for facilities with high ceilings. Based on the studio's specific layout, Airius recommended the installation of two Model 45-P4 fans. These fans were expertly installed by professional riggers, who managed the setup using a 30-foot ladder, ensuring optimal air movement from ceiling to floor.


The installation of the Air Pear Model 45-P4 fans brought immediate and significant improvements. The enhanced air circulation effectively reduced the temperature stratification typically seen in such high-ceilinged spaces. Sobelman, who frequently works near the ceiling, noted a tangible increase in air movement beneath the fans, greatly improving the overall atmosphere of the studio.

““The difference has been immediate and profound. You can really feel the air movement under the fans. My students are delighted.”

– Beverly Sobelman, Founder & Director

The strategic use of Airius Air Pear Model 45-P4 fans at Versatile Arts demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted air circulation solutions in improving comfort and performance in specialized artistic environments. This case study highlights how even spaces with challenging layouts can achieve a more balanced and pleasant climate, benefiting both the artistry and the comfort of its occupants.


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