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Material Reduction Strategy


The trends are undoubtedly clear: more buildings are minimizing ductwork in high-bay spaces to a much more efficient solution. From retail spaces to industrial facilities, those in the building trades are discovering the possibilities of ductless HVAC.

Smart and Efficient

In rooms with lots of space, it’s notoriously difficult to control the temperature. Hot air obviously rises, leaving those in the rafters toasty while those on the ground warm their hands. Ducts and traditional air distribution systems are expensive and limited when it comes to moving the air around. Destratification fans work in concert to make the room one temperature — a balanced temperature experience, regardless of where a person is in the space. Whether you’re delivering warm air or cooled air, a series of destratification fans will work together to continuously mix and redistribute conditioned air throughout a space. Branch ductwork can be eliminated and, in certain cases, all ductwork can be eliminated. This reduction in material cost and labor can have a significant impact on the overall project cost.

Better Building

Architects and contractors are thinking ahead when it comes to saving money and increasing the comfort of those in the room. For example, Colorado University at Boulder opened up an indoor practice facility in 2016. With 68,000 square feet of space and 90 feet from ceiling to floor, they would need a cost-effective design that would keep athletes comfortable. With 2 main supply ducts mounted at the eves, along with 24 Airius Designer Series 125 fans mounted at ceiling level, designers were able to ensure the entire space is conditioned and fully mixed.

It’s true that specifying a ductless system, still a rarity in construction, and getting signoff from a building owner can be difficult, which is why it’s not quite as common as is should be. However, the upfront reduction in material cost is undeniable, as are the benefits of choosing destratification fans to improve HVAC performance. Contact the Sales team at Airius if you’re interested in educational materials and pass-along brochures designed to help your project move forward.

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