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Cooling the Game: Enhancing Air Quality with Airius Fans at SportsPleX

SportsPleX, located in Fairborn, OH, is a state-of-the-art indoor soccer facility that serves a broad range of players, from youngsters to adult leagues. As soccer’s popularity continues to rise, so does the foot traffic in facilities like SportsPleX. However, with frequent activity came the challenge of maintaining a comfortable environment—too warm in the summer and too cold in the winter.


Daniel Durnell, Vice President and General Manager of SportsPleX, noted that the facility often felt stagnant due to inadequate air movement. This not only affected player comfort but also the overall experience for visitors and staff.


In search of a solution to improve air circulation and temperature control, SportsPleX reached out to Airius. A sales representative from Airius provided a fan for a trial, allowing the facility to test the effectiveness of the solution before making a commitment. This trial, along with guidance on fan selection and layout, enabled SportsPleX to make an informed decision.SportsPleX chose the Airius Q Series fans for their durability, low noise levels, and ease of installation. These fans are known for their enclosed, turbine design, which is crucial in a sports setting where impacts from soccer balls are possible. The design prevents damage to the fans, ensuring long-term functionality and safety.


The installation of 12 Airius destratification fans significantly improved air movement throughout the facility, creating a more comfortable sporting environment. The fans effectively addressed the issues of overheating in summer and cold spots in winter, leading to a more enjoyable and consistent temperature for all users.

“He was very helpful assisting with fan recommendation and layout. The fans have made a noticeable difference in how comfortable the environment is, regardless of the season.”

– Daniel Durnell, SportspleX Vice President & General Manager

SportsPleX has successfully tackled the challenge of indoor climate control with the help of Airius Q Series fans. This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of Airius destratification fans in large indoor sports facilities, where maintaining a consistent and comfortable air quality is essential for player performance and spectator comfort.


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