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Enhancing HVAC Efficiency with Airius Fans at Rock Lititz Studios

Rock Lititz Studios, a premier 52,000 sq. ft. production-rehearsal facility known for hosting some of the world’s hottest rock bands, incorporates state-of-the-art HVAC solutions to ensure comfort during rehearsals. This facility, unique in its size and technical specifications, requires precise temperature control amidst its complex network of steel girders, lighting rigs, and camera setups.


The facility’s expansive size and the presence of sensitive sound equipment demanded an HVAC solution that could provide effective air distribution without disrupting audio quality. Additionally, the intricate lattice of wires and structural steel required a system that could operate efficiently without physical interference.


Accu-Aire Mechanical Services Inc., the designers and builders of the facility's HVAC system, chose Airius Model 100-EC fans as the optimal solution for air destratification. Installed 90 feet above the floor, these fans were selected for their ability to deliver a gentle yet effective airflow across the facility without interfering with the acoustics or the physical setup.


The installation of Airius Model 100-EC fans dramatically improved air circulation, maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the space while ensuring quiet operation crucial for not affecting the sound systems. The fans' design also complements the facility's structural requirements, avoiding any disruption to the established system of wires and girders.

“The Airius fans are the perfect solution for destratification. Even at 90 feet, you can feel a slight breeze from the 100-EC, which is exactly what we needed without compromising any other elements of our intricate setup.”

– Mark Graybill, P.E. of Accu-Aire Mechanical Services Inc.

The integration of Airius Model 100-EC fans into the HVAC system of Rock Lititz Studios illustrates how specialized air circulation solutions can meet the unique demands of large, complex facilities. The fans not only fulfilled the specific operational requirements but also contributed to an environment conducive to high-quality production rehearsals.


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