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Spot cooling unconditioned spaces


Whether air conditioning is available or not in your facility, industrial factories gain considerable benefits for utilizing Airius fans in hot weather.

Managing hot weather plays a crucial part in the effectiveness of a factory’s work performance. Rising temperatures in foundries, commercial kitchens, smelting facilities, and outdoor environments are an inevitable part of the workplace. And stale, stagnant air is the enemy of productivity because it creates an environment that makes the risk of heat stress related illnesses much higher for your workers.

How can you manage this problem with a cost effective method? Airius fan systems are a key player to help your workers beat the heat.

How Airius Fans Work

Using Airius fans is successful strategy for facilities to stay ahead of the heat when air conditioning is not an option. By aiming Airius fans directly at workstations, down assembly lines, or in front of machines, you can provide a narrow, controlled airflow where people live and work.

Paired with an HVAC system, Airius fans can help in aiding the units to perform more effectively and have greater lifespans.  Other benefits of Airius fans include:

  • More accurate thermostat temperatures
  • Greater integrity of stored perishable inventory
  • A safer workplace environment
  • Greater worker productivity and morale
  • Up to 30% reduction of cooling costs
  • Lifespan of lighting fixtures are increased
  • A better way to stay cool by evaporating sweat from the skin.
  • Smaller carbon footprint
  • Increased ROI in operating costs

Beat Heat Stress with the Brand You Trust

Airius is unique in that the same system can be used in winter and summer to maximize comfort and save energy in both seasons. Our professional staff has worked with international companies at the global level and will be pleased to accommodate your specific needs with regard to building size, climate, and workforce.

Discover more about lowering your energy costs and increasing workers’ comfort.  Our team is available to answer any questions you have.  Contact us today.

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