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Enhancing Air Quality at The University of Tennessee’s W. Allen Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center with Airius Air Pear Fans


During peak swim events at the W. Allen Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center at The University of Tennessee, a significant increase in chloramine levels at the pool surface was noted. The existing HVAC system was unable to adequately circulate air to disperse this harmful layer. Additionally, the corrosive nature of chloramines was visibly damaging stainless-steel fixtures around the pool, leading to concerns from coaches and facility users.


In search of a viable solution, the facility’s management consulted with other aquatic centers nationwide. The name “Airius Air Pear” consistently emerged as a recommended solution. Subsequently, The University of Tennessee reached out to Airius to address their specific air quality challenges.Airius proposed a customized design using Air Pear 60-EC fans, known for their efficiency and integration capabilities with existing building control systems. The design included the installation of 12 Air Pear fans, strategically placed over the dive and lap pools, segmented into multiple zones for optimal coverage and control.


The installation of Air Pear 60-EC fans markedly improved the air quality at deck level, particularly noticeable during high-traffic swim events. The new system effectively mitigated the chloramine issue, protecting the integrity of the pool’s infrastructure and enhancing the overall environment for athletes and spectators alike.

“The fans have performed wonderfully, and the University has received many compliments on the improvement to the atmosphere in the facility during high volume events.

Thanks to the help of Airius, and the great fans they produce, we now have a very usable venue.”

– Wally Beets, U. of Tennessee

The collaborative effort between The University of Tennessee and Airius to deploy Air Pear 60-EC fans has transformed the W. Allen Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center into a state-of-the-art facility with significantly improved air quality. This case study exemplifies how targeted air circulation solutions can effectively resolve environmental challenges in specialized settings.


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