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Rock gyms are notoriously difficult to comfortably heat and cool. Climbers moving to the top of the structure are hot from exerting themselves as well as moving into warmer, stratified air while their partners stand still at the cooler floor below. With the addition of an Airius destratification fan system, you will balance air temperatures from ceiling to floor and wall to wall, leading to increased comfort for patrons and employees alike, while the owner enjoys lower HVAC energy costs.

Reach new heights

Like all other high-bay spaces, vertical gyms suffer from stratification, but the experience is far more salient when your customer’s goal is to reach the ceiling. The experience of rapidly ascending a wall with a ten or fifteen degree temperature differential is unpleasant. Utilize Airius fans to maximize comfort while reducing your HVAC energy costs. Airius fans work alongside your HVAC system to provide general air movement to reduce the cooling load during the summer and recirculate warm air to the floor during the winter.

Worried about odors, viruses, bacteria or VOCs? Then check out the factory installed PHI cell for your fan system.

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