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Cooling System Enhancement in Lush Cosmetics Warehouse with Airius Air Pear Fans

Lush Cosmetics, a renowned manufacturing facility located in Villawood, Sydney, faced significant challenges with overheating in their warehouse during the scorching summer months. To address this issue, they turned to Airius for an effective cooling solution.


The Lush Cosmetics warehouse, spanning over 3,000 sq. metres with roof heights ranging from 6 to 10 metres, was plagued by severe overheating in summer. The facility, characterized by a typical warehouse structure with a portal frame, large roof areas, low levels of insulation, and limited windows, struggled to maintain a comfortable temperature for its employees. Despite having localised HVLS fans, these proved insufficient for the overall cooling needs.


Megan Hodgkisson, the facility manager at Lush, approached Airius Oceania P/L for a comprehensive proposal. Following detailed research and a successful trial installation, Lush decided to install over 120 Airius Air Pear Series fans. Initially, 20 Airius Model 45 PS2 Air Pears were installed as a trial during the 2016-17 summer. The positive results led to an order of 91 more Model 45 PS2 fans and 14 Model 25 fans in December 2017 for specific lower-height zones.


The Airius solution brought about significant improvements. The larger Model 45 PS2 units were installed at heights between 7-10 metres, providing a substantial amount of controllable air flow across the warehouse. For the aisles, the units were mounted horizontally above head height, blowing air directly down between the storage racks. This arrangement ensured effective air movement, even in difficult-to-reach areas, with minimal noise and disruption.The installation of the fans resulted in an immediate improvement in comfort, which was well-received by both employees and management. The ability to adjust the direction of the fans allowed for precise air flow targeting, enhancing the overall cooling effect.

The strategic implementation of Airius Air Pear Series fans at Lush Cosmetics demonstrates the effectiveness of targeted air circulation solutions in large, high-ceilinged spaces. This case study highlights how innovative cooling solutions can significantly improve working conditions in challenging environments, ensuring employee comfort and operational efficiency.

“The biggest success is in shooting down the picking aisles. We were pretty surprised by how good they have been.”

– Alex, Digital Fulfilment Manager

“At 35 Deg. C and humid it was really good. We had the fans at speed level 3 in the morning but at 1pm it was too hot, so we turned them up to 5 and it was really good – even though it was humid.”

– Heather, Line Worker


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