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Warmer the Higher You Climb?


An experienced athlete knows high temperatures don’t yield peak performances and the same goes for indoor rock climbers. These athletes suffer firsthand the problem of rising heat that collects near the ceiling of a rock climbing gym and the detrimental effect it can have on the human body.

The Airius Solution

The higher an athlete climbs inside of a rock climbing gym, the hotter the surrounding air becomes. Up near the ceiling, temperatures can range from 10 to 15 degrees higher than temps nearer to the floor. As the heavier, cooler air naturally continues to cascade to the floor inside a rock climbing gym, conventional HVAC systems just don’t have the ability to eliminate the layer of overheated air that rises to the ceiling.

The installation of Airius Fans thermal destratification fans mounted on the high ceiling of a rock climbing gym will continuously recirculate the air. This process will eliminate any layers of overheated air that may have collected near the ceiling by mixing it with the cooler air from below. This balancing process will equalize the air temperatures, by not only creating a safer environment for indoor rock climbing but providing more comfortable temperatures and humidity levels for everyone that spends time in the rock climbing gym.

Airius Destratification Fans Save Money on Utility Bills

As well as eliminating uncomfortable cold and hot spots in the building, an Airius thermal destratification fan system will significantly boost the efficiency of a rock climbing gym’s existing heating and cooling system. The year-round use of destratification fans will yield significant savings in energy costs in all types of climates and weather. The destratification fans also have the potential to save even more money by helping to extend the life of the HVAC equipment. The HVAC will not have to work as hard to maintain constant temperatures within the building and the threat of equipment overheating will be greatly reduced.

Easy Installation

A thermal destratification system is not complicated to install during the initial construction of a rock climbing gym and it can also be easily retrofitted in existing gyms. With many options available, an Airius destratification fan system can be custom designed for the specific needs of a rock climbing gym to provide maximum comfort and benefit for indoor rock climbing activities.

Advantages of an Airius Thermal Destratification Fan System For a Rock Climbing Gym Include:

  • Regulates temperatures inside rock climbing gym for increased comfort
  • Conserves energy and reduces energy costs
  • Helps extend the life of HVAC equipment
  • Reduced ceiling heat helps extend the life of lighting
  • Boosts performance of HVAC systems
  • Easy installation of system in existing or new buildings
  • Can be customized for the specific requirements of different climates
  • Disperses areas of high humidity inside rock climbing gym
  • Aids in evaporation of concrete floor condensation or ‘sweating’
  • Creates a safer environment for athletes
  • Reduces an athlete’s physical challenges caused by higher temps
  • Increases overall performance of athletes

Airius thermal destratification fans can make the experience of indoor rock climbing even more enjoyable for athletes by eliminating the unhealthy hot air layer at the end of a high climb. By removing this annoying problem, athletes can enjoy more concentration and focus on a high climb and attain a better performance of endurance and skill. By helping athletes achieve their high climbs, the indoor rock climbing gym can attract more customers to the rock climbing gym, thereby improving the business.

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