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Milan Lumber: Enhancing Workplace Comfort with Airius Onyx Fans

Milan Lumber, a family-owned wood mill in the United States, boasts an impressive annual output of 70 million board feet. Facing challenges in maintaining thermal comfort for employees and reducing HVAC costs, Milan Lumber’s Operations Manager, Steve Halle, sought a dependable solution for their Planer Sorter Building. This facility, with its 36-foot high ceilings covering an area of approximately 56,000 square feet, struggled with high heating expenses during the frigid New Hampshire winters.


The primary challenge was to improve the building’s heating efficiency and provide consistent thermal comfort without excessively cycling the HVAC system. The existing setup included furnaces that totaled 930,000 BTUs, which fell short of the 1.5 million BTUs recommended by engineers. Despite the addition of more furnaces, adequate heating remained a concern, particularly when external temperatures dropped significantly.


Airius proposed a custom system design featuring several units from their Onyx Fan series, known for its industry-leading performance and innovative side intake bypass technology. Despite initial reservations, Steve decided to proceed with a partial installation of the recommended fans.


The results were immediately evident. Steve was impressed by the significant improvement in thermal distribution and efficiency. Encouraged by the initial success, he quickly completed the installation with the remaining units. The Onyx fans effectively maintained a floor-level temperature of at least 60°F, even when outside temperatures plunged to -28°F. This enhancement led to the decision to remove the newly purchased additional furnaces, as they were no longer necessary.

“The fans are awesome, I’m impressed and love them. I don’t know why anyone would buy
a ceiling fan when this is available.”

– Steve Halle, Operations Manager, Milan Lumber

Steve’s satisfaction with the outcome has prompted plans to extend the use of Airius Onyx fans to the corporate office and sawmill. Inspired by the success at the Planer Sorter Building, Milan Lumber is now looking to implement Airius fans across additional facilities to maximize energy efficiency and employee comfort.


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