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New Lease Life Commercial Lighting


Electrical lighting, especially in a commercial setting, can generate a considerable amount of heat. Even LED bulbs that stay relatively cool to the touch during use can generate quite a bit of heat at the point where they connect to the power source and this will contribute to the heat problem.

Thermal buildup near the ceiling of a building, causes commercial lighting to fail much sooner than similar lighting fixtures operating in cooler temperatures. Airius destratification fans can prevent lighting failure from overheating and thereby save considerable money and time.

When Commercial Lighting Is a Liability

Commercial lights installed on or near a ceiling, are subjected to the highest levels of heat buildup in a building because the cool air is heavier than warm air and it naturally sinks to the lowest level. The hot air that is driven to the ceiling can cause electrical lighting to overheat and eventually fail long before its life expectancy. With LED lighting, if the bulbs are not subjected to high temperatures the life expectancy will dramatically increase, giving many more hours of service.

Ease of Installation

Airius thermal destratification fans are not only economical to operate, but they are also easy to install. Installation can be performed during the construction of a new commercial building or just as easily retrofitted in an existing building. There are many options for destratification fan systems and Airius will professionally design a customized system to meet the specific needs of many different business settings.

Prevent the Waste of Warm Air

Warm air is expensive to produce in the winter when the cost of energy increases, so it makes good sense to use a destratification fan to force the heat down from the ceiling to better warm the building and eliminate cold spots, supplementing AC systems with additional air movement.

Likewise, during the warmer months of the year, the Airius destratification fan system will increase the efficiency of the HVAC system by providing additional air circulation to maintain comfort at a higher set point.

Not only will the decision to install an Airius destratification fan increase the lifespan of the commercial lighting of a building, but it will also save considerable money on energy costs for heating and cooling. Air that is continuously circulated through a commercial building by an Airius Fan system will provide greater comfort for the occupants.

Benefits of an Airius Destratification Fan

  • Reduces destructive heat buildup near the ceiling
  • Lengthens the overall life expectancy of commercial lighting
  • Creates a more comfortable and better-ventilated environment for occupants
  • Regulates air temperature throughout a commercial building
  • More comfortable environment can increase employee productivity
  • Saves money by reducing overall energy costs
  • Extends the life of heating and cooling systems by reducing workload and increasing cycle times
  • Enhances the overall performance of heating and cooling systems
  • Eliminates cold spots near the floor of the building
  • Fan systems can be custom designed for specific requirements
  • Reduces high humidity buildup within a building
  • Ease of installation that is not complicated or lengthy
  • Mitigates floor ‘sweating’ or moisture condensation to prevent accidents

Airius Destratification Fans Are the Solution

When overheated air threatens the lifespan of commercial lighting, Airius destratification fan systems can dramatically decrease the severity of the problem by recirculating the layer of hot air that collects near the ceiling. Light fixtures and bulbs can be quite sensitive to heat and when surrounded by hot air they will fail much sooner than expected. Investing in an Airius destratification fan system will soon pay for itself in savings not only by extending the life of light fixtures but by greatly reducing high energy costs.

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