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5 Ways Destratification Fans In Grocery Stores Increase Profits

Grocery stores are a necessary part of every community. They provide an essential service and are often a social gathering place. In order to provide the best customer experience and increase their profits, grocery stores must take steps to improve the environment. One way to do this is by installing destratification fans.

In this article, we’re going to look at how destratification fans can increase profits for grocery stores. The main benefits of using destratification fans in grocery stores are improved customer experience, increased dwell time, lower energy costs, and prevention of food waste. Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits.

Challenges of Heating & Cooling – Improved Customer Experience

Thermal stratification occurs when less dense hot air rises and cooler, denser air remains at floor level. This is due to air stratification, a term used to describe this phenomenon. Air stratification can cause high energy bills, occupant discomfort, and overdrive your existing HVAC system. That’s why destratification fans are a great investment for the long-term operation of a facility.

When customers feel comfortable in a store, they’re more likely to stay and shop. Destratification fans circulate fresh air, which helps keep customers cool and comfortable. They make cool aisles feel warmer and hot aisles feel cooler.  Destratification fans improve comfort by providing a more consistent temperature, making it easier for customers to shop and reducing the need for them to adjust their behavior due to changes in temperature.

This improved customer experience can lead to increased dwell time and more sales for the store. For more about how destratification fans work and how they can benefit your store read our article, This is Why You Should Use Destratification Fans.

Encourage lingering in the aisles – Increased Sales & Profits

From the cold cases in the freezer section to warm cases with fresh rotisserie chickens, the temperature in your grocery stores varies a lot. With the front doors opening and closing for every new customer, maintaining a consistent temperature is tough. Without a destratification system, a badly stratified grocery store can be an awfully unpleasant place to work or shop. Fogging on the exterior glass of case doors? Slip hazards at entrances? Destratification can help here, too!

Destratification fans help solve these issues by circulating the air and balancing the temperature and humidity to maintain a constant shopping experience.  With destratified air, the freezer aisles feel warmer and the case doors don’t fog so customers can view the products easily and may grab that impulse item. These high-margin products increase the average customer purchase and improve the bottom line for your store.

The same will be true for other sections of your grocery store.  Warm cases feel comfortable and customers will browse longer. To learn more about how Airius fans are used in grocery stores click here.

And check out this video showing a customer’s reaction while standing in a cold aisle that has a destratification fan installed in the ceiling.

Energy Management – Lower Operating Costs

Destratification fans also improve profits by lower energy costs. Air stratification caused by the front doors constantly opening and shutting drive up your high energy bills and overdrive your existing HVAC system.  Your freezers and door warmers have to constantly be running to maintain their proper operating conditions. With more temperature and humidity fluctuations, your systems can wear out quicker needing replacement.

Destratification fans balance the indoor environment allowing your HVAC system and the product cases to run at their optimal conditions.  Having a destratification system in place also reduces the amount of time it takes to maintain your store and keep your customers happy. By installing destratification fans throughout your store you can improve the indoor environment and reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

Lower Food Waste – Increase Profits

A balanced environment is also good for your food products. Reducing the temperature and humidity fluctuations reduces the stress on vegetables, fruits, meats, and other foods.  This will reduce spoilage and improve customer satisfaction.  Fewer brown bananas or wilted lettuce means more profits for your store and higher customer satisfaction.

Airius’s PureAir fans fitted with needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI) or Photohydroionization (PHI) can also help to keep produce, flowers, and other perishables fresher for longer. This means less spoilage and associated costs. The use of this technology lowers pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, in the air and on food products allowing for longer shelf life. These fresher products will then be available to customers resulting in an enhanced shopping experience.

Check out this short video demonstrating how the Airius PureAir fans can lower food waste.

A Comfortable Environment – Shop Longer, Buy More, Have Higher Satisfaction

There are many benefits to using a destratification fan in a grocery store such as improving customer experience, increasing customer comfort and dwell time, reducing food waste, and lowering energy costs. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post on how destratification fans in grocery stores can improve your profits.  To find out more about Airius fans and how they can help you increase your profits, contact one of our sales experts by clicking here.


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