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Climate Control with Airius Fans at Van Engelen Inc.

 Van Engelen Inc., a premier Connecticut-based distributor of Dutch flower bulbs, leverages advanced climate control technology to maintain optimal conditions in their warehouse. As the flower bulb shipping season peaks in summer and fall, maintaining consistent temperature and humidity is crucial for preserving the quality of their inventory.


The key challenge for Van Engelen Inc. was to stabilize warehouse temperature and humidity levels to protect millions of flower bulbs stored on pallet racks. This was essential not only for product preservation but also for ensuring the comfort of warehouse staff during the demanding shipping season.


To address these challenges, Van Engelen Inc. installed 11 Airius Model 45 fans in areas of the warehouse with 22.5-foot ceilings. Additionally, to accommodate spaces with lower ceilings, they installed 5 Airius Model 25 fans, selected for their efficiency and ability to enhance air circulation effectively.


The Airius fans significantly improved air movement, which helped maintain near-ideal temperature and humidity levels crucial for the flower bulbs. This not only safeguarded the delicate inventory from climate-related damage but also created a more comfortable working environment for the staff involved in preparing shipments.

“The fans help tremendously, keeping both temperature and humidity close to ideal levels. Their impact has been spectacular in moving air from the warehouse ceiling and keeping it circulating around the pallet racks.”

– Alexander Vandenberg

The strategic use of Airius Model 45 and Model 25 fans at Van Engelen Inc. demonstrates the effectiveness of tailored air circulation solutions in managing complex climate requirements in distribution centers. This installation not only preserves the integrity of perishable inventory but also enhances the overall workflow and staff comfort.


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