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You work hard to store and move product efficiently as well as tackle other challenges of running a large facility. Airius fans are here to help by working alongside your existing HVAC system to provide general air movement during the summer and recirculate warm air to the floor during the winter. Airius fans balance temperatures from ceiling to floor and wall to wall which promotes a more efficient use of your HVAC system while providing a controlled environment for storage of sensitive products from oncology drugs to chocolate.

Total Control

Airius fans come in dozens of models and control options to perfectly fit the engineering requirements to destratify your warehouse layout. Our team of technical engineers will help you select the right fan combination for maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Even though it’s much easier to install Airius destratification fans than other fan solutions, we know that high-ceiling warehouses often have substantial costs involved in doing work at the ceiling level. That’s why we’re proud to build a quality product and offer a three year warranty to back up our guarantee.

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