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Efficient Air Management at Flat Broke Shooters with Airius Air Pear Fans

Flat Broke Shooters, a leading indoor shooting range in Southern Maryland, recently expanded their facilities to include a 3500 square foot retail space, featuring 20-foot tall ceilings. Initially, the plan was to install two HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans to redistribute warm air and reduce heating costs.

Turning Point

However, after their electrician introduced them to the Airius Air Pear smoke visualization video, the range’s management reconsidered their original plan. The video demonstrated the Air Pear’s effectiveness and efficiency, particularly in air destratification and smoke clearance.

Decision & Installation

Impressed by the potential cost savings, as the Air Pear was approximately one-sixth the cost of the HVLS fans, the management decided to invest in two Airius Air Pear fans. The installation was straightforward, and the effects were immediately noticeable.


The benefits of switching to Airius Air Pear fans were twofold:1. Enhanced Comfort: The indoor temperature became more stable without the intense air movement typically associated with larger fans, allowing the heating systems to cycle off more frequently.2. Significant Cost Savings: Despite colder external temperatures, the facility observed a 25% reduction in their utility bills, attributing this impressive saving directly to the efficiency of the Air Pear fans.

“The Air Pear fans have practically paid for themselves in one month, and we are very pleased. We are running them 24 hours a day and love them. Thank you for a great product!”

– Steve Thomas, Owner

The integration of Airius Air Pear fans at Flat Broke Shooters exemplifies how innovative air circulation technology can significantly enhance environmental comfort and lead to substantial economic savings. This case study underscores the Air Pear’s role in transforming utility management and improving operational efficiency in commercial spaces.


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