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Enhancing Comfort and Efficiency with Airius Air Pear Fans at Foodie’s Markets

Foodie’s Markets, a family-owned grocery chain with three locations in Massachusetts, has experienced significant improvements in comfort and energy efficiency through the strategic use of Airius Air Pear Model 15 fans.

Inital Installation

The journey began in 2015 at their South Boston store, where they installed eight Model 15 Air Pears. The immediate impact of the fans on air destratification led to enhanced comfort for both customers and employees, prompting further investment in the technology.

Expanded Implementation

Encouraged by the positive results, Foodie’s Markets expanded the installation to their Duxbury, MA location, adding seven more Model 15 fans. This decision was driven by the need to address temperature imbalances throughout the store, particularly the difference between the overheated manager’s office on the mezzanine and the cooler areas near the checkout counters and entrances.

Winter Success

During the harsh Massachusetts winter, the effectiveness of the fans in circulating warm air from the 14-foot ceilings became evident. Employees in both the South Boston and Duxbury stores noticed such an improvement in warmth and comfort that they requested the thermostat be lowered not just once, but twice.

Specific Challenges Addressed

The Airius fans were also strategically placed above the open-case freezers, directing warmer air towards shoppers without disrupting the cool air needed to preserve the food items. This thoughtful placement ensured that all areas of the store maintained optimal temperatures without compromising the functionality of the refrigeration units.

The ongoing collaboration between Foodie’s Markets and Airius demonstrates the substantial benefits of air destratification in retail environments. By balancing temperatures and enhancing overall air quality, Airius Air Pear Model 15 fans have not only improved the shopping experience but have also contributed to energy efficiency and reduced heating costs during winter months.


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