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Balancing Comfort in All Seasons at Stauffers of Kissel Hill Fresh Foods


Stauffers of Kissel Hill Fresh Foods, a prominent grocery store in Lancaster, spans 52,000 square feet with towering 24-foot ceilings. Despite its size, the store faced significant temperature inconsistencies, leading to discomfort for both customers and staff. During the colder months, even cashiers found themselves wearing coats to stay warm, mirroring the attire typically reserved for those stocking frozen foods. In the summer, varying hot and cold pockets throughout the store made temperature control challenging, especially without affecting the different departments disproportionately.


Dell Boshnaugle from Stauffers of Kissel Hill Fresh Foods reached out to Airius for a solution to these temperature challenges. After assessing the situation, Airius proposed a strategic plan to tackle the uneven heating and cooling across the store.Airius recommended the installation of 42 Airius Air Pear Model 25 fans, designed with different control zones. This allowed for the fan speeds to be adjusted according to the specific needs of each department, ensuring a balanced temperature throughout the store.


The installation of Airius Air Pear Model 25 fans transformed the environment at Stauffers of Kissel Hill Fresh Foods. During winter, the store maintained a warmer atmosphere without affecting the temperatures of open cases or the comfort of customers. Summer followed with a marked improvement in air conditioning, eliminating previously problematic hot and cold spots.

Post-installation, Dell reported significant improvements, noting that the store was consistently more comfortable across all seasons. The adjustments in fan settings allowed for a customized approach to temperature control in various sections of the store, from the grocery area to the produce and meat sections.

The tailored air circulation solution provided by Airius Air Pear Model 25 fans at Stauffers of Kissel Hill Fresh Foods showcases how advanced HVAC technology can effectively address and resolve complex climate control challenges in large retail spaces, enhancing comfort for both employees and customers year-round.


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