Air Pear

  • Designer Series
    Designer Series
    Working in concert, each Designer Series fan delivers gentle efficient air circulation to balance overall air temperature from ceiling to floor and wall to wall. Typically used in architecturally sensitive installations. Optional custom colors available.
  • Air Pear Free Hanging Fans
    Air Pear Free Hanging Fans
    Designed for open ceiling applications, an Air Pear system utilizes several fans working in concert to improve comfort, save on HVAC energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Air Pear fans can accommodate ceiling heights from 8 to 100 feet.
  • Air Pear Suspended Ceiling Fans
    Air Pear Suspended Ceiling Fans
    Designed for a 2 ft. x 2 ft. acoustic ceiling tile, commonly found in offices, school classrooms and libraries, the Suspended Ceiling Air Pear can help alleviate comfort issues while saving energy. A dome over the top of the unit separates the plenum from the conditioned space below.
  • Retail Series
    Retail Series
    Specifically designed for narrow aisle situations in grocery stores, Airius' Narrow Aisle fans provide an elongated airflow pattern to maximize spread down the length of an aisle while minimizing interference with open reach in cases.
  • New! Q Series
    New! Q Series
    Specifically designed for high-bay, sound sensitive environments, Airius' Q Series fans provide maximum airflow at a very low noise level when compared to our other products

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